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2004 Pilot of the Year


Gary Smith SHV*0014

Location: Costa Rica

Real World Job:  I head up the Information, Research and Development team for Alienware here in Costa Rica. Our group is responsible for the Knowledge Base, the creation of all customer support reporting tools, and we serve as the final level of escalation for any technical problem or issue encountered by customers in the field. We build new hardware configurations, experiment with alternative service offerings, act as trainers for new technology releases, and basically support all the departments here that have any contact with customers. In addition, we are involved in the quality management and service policies functions at our HQ. It is fun - it keeps me extremely busy and is an incredibly complex job. The IR&D team consists of 5 product service engineers, 2 support engineers, 2 technical writer/engineers, 2 software developers and myself.


Gary has been awarded 2004 Pilot of The Year for the many hours he's put in, in the pilot seat, for his many hours creating Mad Bear Field,  giving our fleet the Shavron Air Livery, and for his part in helping remove Shavron Air from the grasps of an evil website Dictator.