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2006 Pilot of the Year


Patrick Kelley SHV*0077

Location: Houston, TX

Real World Job:  Iím a Cryogenic Field Service Technician, No I donít freeze bodies. I install and maintain cryogenic systems for customers that use large quantities of Oxygen, Nitrogen or Argon. We store it in liquid form onsite for the customer and as they use the product we turn it back into gas form with different types of auxiliary equipment. Also part of my job is maintaining unmanned plants that manufacture gaseous nitrogen for customers who have specific requirements. I have been in the field now 26 years and still donít know it all and never will.


Pat has been awarded 2006 Pilot of The Year for the many hours he's put in in the pilot seat, and for his countless hours creating scenery, painting our Cargo Division planes, and for creating the brand new PIREP Database that will cut flight report update time in half.