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The Shavron Philosophy

Our pilots are an unusual bunch. They prefer flying when the weather is seemingly prohibitive to destination airports with marginally adequate runways, and of course showing off.  If this fits your description, you will find here a camaraderie of similarly enthusiastic fellow pilots.

While the boss would not like to see pilots pull stunts like those shown on this page with passengers or precious cargo aboard, this sort of activity is typical of what you will see Shavron pilots doing to "test" our aircraft during their off hours or when ferrying an empty plane back from the service hangar.

Management expects pilots to use their skills to give passengers a smooth ride, making those tight approaches in bad weather seem totally routine.

Online flying

Shavron does not mandate the use of VATSIM or any other online flying program - that is left to the individual pilot's discretion. While "live" ATC does add a dimension of realism, for some members expensive Internet access makes this impractical. However, we do ask that for each aircraft all realism settings be at full, and that pilots download real world weather (to include winds aloft) for every flight session they will log.

A "bush" service that uses jet aircraft?

Shavron offers pilots a full range of commercially viable aircraft for the maximum degree of diversity in flying. For most of even the largest craft, "bush flying" has on it's own meaning here at Shavron.

For example, taking a loaded 727 freighter through a twisting, terrain-limited approach to a 4,000 foot airstrip presents a whole new method of large commercial jet operation. Add bad weather and no ILS, and you have the makings for extremely invigorating fun!

Shavron's mission is to give pilots a virtual playground to explore with the widest range of play things we can make available.

Why Alaska?

The northern regions of the Pacific Northwest offer some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found in the FS world. For those wishing to take it a step further, there are many terrain scenery add-ons specific to this region that serve to bring even more life and realism to this environment.

This area also consistently offers unpredictable and at times very harsh weather conditions. On top of that, the majority of the airports we service offer little if any navigational aid. Pilots often find themselves scud-running in an 80,000 pound jet. Just perfect for those who like a challenge.