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The Shavron Fleet

Shavron offers a wide choice of aircraft to meet our operational needs. Each has been selected for high model quality, realistic flight dynamics and commercial viability.

Bush Aircraft


The Bellanca Scout is our all-around workhorse for flying single clients practically anywhere. Can be outfitted conventionally (shown), or with tundra tires, skis or floats. A beautiful model with great flight dynamics, capable of performing spins.






Our  DH-2 Beaver is an early Mark I model. A great machine for carrying up to five passengers with full baggage into impossible-looking landing areas. Ours is equipped with a classic photo-real panel and nice radial engine sounds.






The excellent De Havilland DH-6 Twin Otter is a mainstay of the fleet. When passengers need to get to the most challenging locations, the DH-6 is the plane for the job. Shavron's DH-6 flies everywhere, to large commercial airports and small bush strips alike.





The DH-6 on floats gives us the ability to transport larger groups to isolated lodges and parks where only waterways are available for aircraft use. The DH-6 floatplane operates out of both Shavron's Homer and Haines operation centers.






The ultimate aircraft for going anywhere - with our Bell 205 you'll need no runway whatsoever. Any lake, pond, parking lot, rooftop or clearing between the trees will do just fine. Also known as the "Huey", the 205 will accommodate five passengers with full baggage.




Larger Passenger Service Aircraft


Shavron chose the Fairchild Metroliner for it's outstanding speed. You'll have your passengers to their destination way ahead of the competition's high-wing turboprops. It's lack of STOL performance doesn't stop us from flying it to several 2,500 foot runway locations.






Shavron employs a vintage Boeing 727-200 for longer passenger service runs. Operating from Anchorage, the 727 flies to destinations in Canada, the continental US, and pushes the very edge of it's range limitation to Tokyo and over the pole to Stockholm.






The "newest" addition to the fleet is this Aero Commander 500 freighter. Features your choice of 'dirty' appearance or washed up clean. Our smallest freighter, ideal for the really short ariports. A very realistic aircraft with great detail.





Shavron's larger prop freighter is Microsoft's standard issue DC-3. With a realistic, vintage panel and wonderful flight dynamics, this one is a ball to fly to those out of the way places. With it's lack of IFR equipment, you'll need to watch the weather closely.





This 727 conversion is ideal for our heavier freight duty. We use this one to go to both larger cities and to some very challenging places, barely adequate airports serving smaller communities. Bush flying, large jet style!






The monster of the Shavron fleet is this DC-10 freighter, recently purchased from Federal Express. Fly this realistic beast and you're likely to end up going about anywhere in the world. The DC-10 currently runs our longest single flight to Darwin, Australia, over 5,500 miles!




Special Purpose


Shavron acquired this Schleicher ASK-21 glider to offer scenic soaring flights over the beautiful country surrounding our base at Haines, Alaska. This aircraft features VEP (Virtual Engine Propulsion) to allow getting airborne without needing to use Slew mode.





The Cessna Bravo bizjet is for private client services, and for the use of our pilots in quickly commuting between hubs. Its ability to handle fairly short airports also makes it ideal for taking clients to locations most jets cannot access.






Shavron's fastest fleet member is this T-38 Talon. Features modified rear cabin area with no controls for one lucky (and rich) passenger. For those special "taxi service" flights requiring near supersonic speed.






Shavron sponsors its own pylon racer in the unlimited category, this hopped-up P-51 Mustang. The boss's toy, but available for loan to pilots who need a few 1940s vintage thrills now and then. Get download details from the boss






The Pitts Bulldog is Shavron's second racer, this one for the Biplane class.






This Fairchild C-123 is ugly to be sure, but it does a nice job of flying our dismantled racers to and from competitions. It does double duty as a service freighter when exceptionally bulky cargo must be transported to short airfields.