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Operation Centers

Shavron currently has office operations at four airport locations. Each has been selected for it's great surrounding scenery, normally challenging weather conditions, and the pure fun of enjoying Flight Simulator.

     Homer, Alaska

Homer (PAHO), is Shavron's original headquarters. Geographically close to busy Anchorage and Valdez, Homer is the primary hub for our intra-state passenger service. PAHO offers facilities for seaplanes. This airport serves as Shavron's aircraft maintenance location and is also the home field for our racing team.



        Haines, Alaska

About 430 air miles southeast of Homer, Haines (PAHN) is our far south Alaska gateway. Very close to Alaska's capital city of Juneau, Haines is located in the heart of picturesque scenery and serves as Shavron's main bush flying base. PAHN is rapidly becoming our most popular operation center.



         McGrath, Alaska 

McGrath (PAMC) is our newest base located in the interior of Alaska.  It serves as the major hub not only for hunting and fishing outfitters, but also as a life to all of the interior villages, which have no road system connecting them to the outside world.  McGrath is located on the western side of the Alaska Range and services the Yukon Drainage to the north and west, the Bethel region to the south and the Alaska range to the east.  Flying can be very challenging with the wide variety of scenic terrain, not to mention the very unpredictable weather of this isolated and remote area.


        Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Alaska feeling too isolated? Take a break and fly to a variety of UK destinations from our small hub facility at Edinburgh (EGPH). Shavron presently offers commuter turboprop and jet service throughout Scotland. Management is considering expanding service to other EU countries, with the possibility of flying the Alps.